Charge Your Chakra Sale

Recharge your chakra for the new year. Mix and match any of our chakra pieces for 2 for $20 with FREE SHIPPING! Sale ends January 7th!

A Chakra is a center of force within the body that is a connection point between metaphysical and biophysical energies. There are seven basic chakras. They correspond to different areas of the body and different desires and spiritual growth. Understanding the chakras offers a way of balancing ones desires and lead a more fulfilled spiritual life.

Stones Used in this piece:
Root - Red - Garnet
Sacral - Orange - Tiger Iron 
Solar - Yellow/Gold - Citrine
Heart - Green/Pink - Aventurine
Throat - Blue - Sodalite
Brow - Indigo/Purple - Amethyst
Crown - Violet/White - Quartz

Lava is added as for essential oil diffusing. Simple add a few drops directly on the lava and enjoy!


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