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Skully Kouture

Phoenix Necklace

Phoenix Necklace

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Mythical Totem: If you were born with the Phoenix as your Totem Animal, you have a natural willingness to sacrifice yourself to a greater good. You radiate hopefulness to those around you and have little tolerance for proverbial grey clouds.

Because of the transformative nature of Phoenix energy, you will have many roles in life-changing jobs, partners, homes; this is always a positive change, however. You know how to pull up your bootstraps and keep moving. You often find that change a relief and blessing. There is really no stopping your sunny disposition.

Symbolism: The symbolism and meaning of the Phoenix as an Animal Spirit Guide ties tightly to the myths and legends surrounding this creature. Certainly, there are differences depending on culture and era, but some commonalities arise. Phoenix represents rebirth, magic, renewal, safety, transformation, permanence, inventiveness and the sacredness of life.

No matter the setting the story of the Phoenix has a distinctive them. It begins with lifting from darkness into light; this is a complete life cycle and also a symbol of our immortal soul.

(credit What is my Spirit Animal)


Materials: Silver Plated, Chain
Size: 2 1/2" across on an 20" chain

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