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Skully Kouture

Rainbow Solar Quartz Necklace

Rainbow Solar Quartz Necklace

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Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz that is formed from clear quartz stalactite and then cut into gorgeous polished slices with mossy inclusions. Solar Quartz is often color enhanced with vivid colors like this one in the colors of the rainbow with it's own special meaning. As with all Quartz it is an energy enhancer, connecting to spirit and harmony. It is said to bring emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy. Rainbow Solar Quartz works with the color healing system with colorful dyed shades blending green, blue, yellow, and red into the colors of the rainbow. The use of color to create certain emotions has long been an excepted practice in many cultures and traditions. It is a very good manifestation crystal – as they have all colors of the rainbow inside them helping to expand the crystals default properties. This means they stimulate every chakra, thus stimulating every energy level possible. The full spectrum of colors make it easier to bring these manifestations into physical reality.

Materials: Rainbow Solar Quartz, Sterling Silver Plated Bezel, Stainless Steel Chain
Size: Pendant measures approximately  1 1/2" wide by 1 1/2" long on a 30" stainless steel chain

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