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Skully Kouture

Round Brass Pink Artisan Locket with Vintage Bead

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History: We don’t really know when the first lockets were created, but it seems that they evolved out of other types of jewelry, such as amulets and talismans. Initially, lockets were used to carry medicines, perfumes and other such items.

Later on, lockets became mementos and included miniature portraits of loved ones. They were ideal at a time when the only way to see the face of someone who was apart from you was by looking at a painting or drawing of them. It also became popular to keep a lock of hair in lockets as a keepsake of a loved one. In addition, lockets made excellent mourning jewelry to remember someone who had passed away.

Lockets, as we know them today, were popular during the Victorian era. Then, as with all types of jewelry, they cycled in and out of fashion.  After the war, lockets fell out of fashion and were considered out of date. However, today, they’re back in fashion, with celebrities and other high profile people sporting lockets.

Materials: Brass Locket, Chain and Findings with Vintage Crystal
Size: Locket measure 1" long on 20" Brass Chain