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Skully Kouture

Vintage Crystal with Rabbit Necklace

Vintage Crystal with Rabbit Necklace

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History reimagined. Created with a crystal from a 1940's chandelier. We believe their is magic in objects from our past. What stories do thy have to tell.

Rabbit Native American Totem: Fertility, artistic, in motion, hyper vigilant, joyful, lives by own wits, steps through fear.

Rabbit Symbolism: Good fortune, wealth, and procreation are frequently associated with rabbits. Unlike other animals, the rabbit has a consistent connotation in nearly every culture, unlike other animals whose meanings vary widely. Rabbits have become a symbol of rebirth in many modern societies.

Materials: Vintage Crystal, Vintage Metal Component, Stainless Steel Chain
Size: 1 1/4" Long on 20" Stainless Steel Chain

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