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Skully Kouture

Dew Drop (Rainbow Quartz) with Leaf Necklace

Dew Drop (Rainbow Quartz) with Leaf Necklace

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Fairy Dew Drop Symbolism:  What could cause such magic: the result of rain without clouds, without a storm? For answers, we looked to the fairy realm. In fact, it seems we’ve always connected dew with fairyland as fairies appeared to be it’s most likely cause. Just like the fairy in Midsummer Night's Dream that speaks to Puck is a special breed of fairy; she is a dew fairy. Her responsibility is to decorate the Fairy Queen's garden with pearls of dew.

Dew Drop Symbolism: Dew symbolizes a light spiritual touch. Symbol of Dew refers to the stage in one's life where spiritual factors begin to be integrated into daily living.

Rainbow Quartz: Rainbow Quartz is a gemstone that can give hope and light. It’s a gemstone that has properties of making people feel positive. It holds back your negative feelings and fill you with happiness.

Legends: Irish legend has it that you should go out on Beltane morning and gather up dew in a bowl.  If the dew is used to wash your face with you will have a perfect complexion by the next day.  Don’t put the alarm clock on for an unearthly hour tomorrow – there is no medical evidence to back this up!  Dew was also used in ritual, particularly those relating to the moon.

Materials: Pewter Pendant, Tinned Copper Wire, Rainbow Quartz, Cotton Cord
Size: Pendant measures 2 1/4" long on a 28" Adjustable Cotton Cord

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