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Skully Kouture

Vampire Supernatural Spell Bottle Necklace

Vampire Supernatural Spell Bottle Necklace

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Inspired by the spirit and folklore of vampires.
Soil: Collected under a full moon in Salem, Massachusetts.

Lapis: A gemstone enchanted by witches in order to allow vampires to walk freely in the sunlight.

Vervain: A potent herb and a vampire's most well-known weakness. If a vampire makes physical contact with vervain in any form, it will burn them. Also a tool for humans to avoid mind control.

Fleur de lis Charm: For centuries folkore has tied vampires and vampire royalty in New Orleans.


Created with: Glass, Cork, Waxed Cotton Necklace
Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" long on 24" adjustable cord necklace

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