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Skully Kouture

Werewolf Supernatural Spell Bottle Necklace

Werewolf Supernatural Spell Bottle Necklace

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Inspired by the spirit and folklore of werewolves.
Soil: Collected under a full moon in Salem, Massachusetts.

Moonstone: Has showed up time and time again in werewolf legends and myths. In fact, it is said that the stone’s powers can aid or assist werewolves in shifting or transforming.

Marigolds: Brings a werewolf partnership or interaction full of adventure and truth.

Moon Charm: According to the mythology, it takes the radiance of a Full Moon to trigger the transformation into a werewolf.

Created with: Glass, Cork, Waxed Cotton Necklace
Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" long on 24" adjustable cord necklace

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