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Skully Kouture

Wolf Fang Necklace

Wolf Fang Necklace

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Native American Totem: Loyalty, perseverance, success, intuition, spirit, appetite for freedom, can be a loner.

Norse Viking Symbolism: Wearing a wolf’s fang is thought to symbolize natural leadership and wisdom. In essence, you’re the head of the pack. According to Norse mythology, a wolf’s tooth is a symbol of eternal strength. In various cultures, Norse included, the tooth represents the wolf as a spirit guide through life.

Also, in the Norse culture, wolves are perceived as both negative and positive. Said to represent chaos and destruction, on one hand, and on the other, they also symbolize protection, wisdom, loyalty, and bravery. Geri and Freki are brave and extremely loyal to Odin. They keep their master company even during battles. 

Symbolism: Based on the wolf’s nature, the tooth can equally symbolize wisdom and victory. Since wolves primarily move in packs, multiple people in close relation getting a wolf tooth pendant would indicate an unspoken loyalty to one another. 

Wolf also has a connection to the moon.

    Materials: Gunmetal, Cotton Cord
    Size: Pendant measures approximately 2" long on a 28" Adjustable Cotton Cord

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